COVID-19 UPDATE:  GoMobile Storage is making the safety of our customers it's top priority during this crisis.
As such, we have expnded our cleaning between customer's use to include disinfectant.  We are staying open
our normal hours for customer acces as well as pick-up and delivery, but we are practicing safe-distancing
protocols as outlined by Federal, State, and local governments.  We want all our customers to be safe during
this crisis, and GoMobile Stroage is committed to ensuring we do our part to protect you.






Go Mini’s Savannah, now GOMOBILE STORAGE®, was started by three local Savannah men. Two of them are life-long Savannah/Low Country area residents. After investigating numerous mobile storage business options, they decided to become a Go Mini’s dealer because the quality and construction of their mobile storage unit was superior to any they had seen. Their backgrounds and business experiences are diverse, and compliment the experience needed to operate this business. Experience in local building and construction, national furniture and supplies distribution, national moving and storage services and the local residential and commercial real estate industry give them a sound foundation for the mobile storage industry.

They are “hands on” in the management of the GOMOBILE STORAGE®, sharing the sales, operational and administrative responsibilities among themselves. Committed to operating 7 days a week, Go Mini’s Savannah seeks to provide the best most convenient service possible.

On October 1, 2017 they decided to change the company name to GOMOBILE STORAGE® because it better tells our customers what we do.


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About the Company

GOMOBILE STORAGE® provides superior quality Mobile Storage units to the general public and businesses. The sizes are 8, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20ft. deep to meet a variety of customer’s moving and storage needs.

To move locally or within the region, a GOMOBILE STORAGE® unit is dropped off at your residence or business. You load it at your timetable, and then we pick it up and move it to your new home or location when you’re ready. You unpack it at your convenience, and then we pick up the empty.

To store household belongings or business property, for a renovation, garage clean out or records storage, a GOMOBILE STORAGE® unit is delivered to your home or at work. You load your contents and either keep the unit on sight, or we can pick it up and store it for you at our Climate Controlled warehouse. Either way, when you are finished, with it we pick it up at your convenience.

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